Sunday, 26 October 2008

An Autumn Visitor

Olga had a visitor while I was in Houston, well at least next-door's back garden had a visitor - the first Monkjack deer for sometime. He or she looks very healthy considering it lives in a fairly built-up area. While I was in Houston hunting was a much-discussed topic amongst the menfolk, as deer hunting season starts next month. I tried to find out how they woulsd react to this situation, but I suspect I already know the answer, although they'd have to wait until the deer strayed onto their property before shooting it. Two of the guys I spoke with (both in their 50s) hunt with bow and arrows as well as rifles! Texans, eh!
Anyway, full marks to Olga for shooting this with nothing more harmful than a Canon 10D with a 90mm lens at 1/90th second exposure.

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