Sunday, 26 October 2008

GMT already!?

I was a bit thrown this morning, I thought the clocks would go back next weekend. I'd stayed in Lara's room for much of last night to allow Olga to get some decent sleep, and it was my turn to look after Lara this morning. So when Lara woke and was clearly ready for breakfast, I checked the clock in her room and it said 7.30, which meant she'd actually had a good lie-in, as recently she's been wanting breccy between 5.30 and 6.30.
Anyway, I took her up to our room, and checked the radio-controlled clock we have in there and sure enough, it said 6.30. I wasn't convinced until I went back to the nursery and turned the news on and saw the clocks had gone back!
It worked out well in the end though, as we are normally quite slow to get going on Sundays, but even after giving Lara a bath, then her porridge & yoghurt, feeding Mishka, Olga having her shower and taking Mishka for a walk, then coming back and cooking us a nice big fry-up, it was still only "10.30"... This is why I have the time to write these blog posts and update the webalbums with some new photos. Lara and I will be off to the pub for at 1pm to watch the Chelsea v Liverpool game, which is why she's got her Liverpool kit on in the new photos.

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