Saturday, 5 December 2009

Some new photos

There are some new photos on the left now.

Back safe and sound

It was a busy week in Dhaka, hence no blogs posts, I'm afraid. The journey back was uneventful - no upgrade this time, but I travelled back from Dhaka to Dubai with a colleague, so it was unlikely they'd upgrade two people travelling together.
I got home around 7pm, and was greeted with a big hug and kiss from Lara. Her talking is coming on a lot now, still only stringing two words together at a time, but this is the norm now rather than the exception. It was great to hear "Hello Papa" over the phone or Skype when I called up, and she seems to have got over this habit of calling me Mama - phew!
I bought her a new squeazy duck pillow to replace the one Jackson destroyed, and this time I gave it to her straight away, and she seems to really like it. It'll get its first big test on Monday when we drive to Devon, but really I want her to get used to sleeping with it in time for her trip to Russia in January.
Lara was off nursery for a few days at the end of last week, with a tummy bug, but she seems fine now. The time at home with Lara gave Olga time to strip Mishka's coat (a job that is still going on as I type, Mishka is a very patient boy!) and even Jackson had his first spell on the groomer's table, and looks more grown-up for it.
I'm going to post this now, I've got some photos from last week to put up, and Olga took some nice ones of Lara, so I'll try to get round to posting them tonight, but at the moment Lara is having a long nap so we should try to get a  few jobs done! She had a disturbed night last night (Olga reports she was like that all week). I went to check up on her at 3am, after she'd been crying, but she was asleep, it was as if she'd been crying in her sleep. Other times Olga says Lara's been talking in her sleep, so I wonder if she's started to dream now, and the talking and crying is part of that, but she isn't actually waking up.
Time to start thinking about packing, too! The plan is to be away by 8.30 on Monday morning, and we have all day tomorrow to pack, so we really have no excuse if we're late.