Thursday, 22 October 2015

Back on the Bus

Last Tuesday Lara went back to the Children's Hospital for a check up on her ankle, and they took off her plaster cast and replaced it with an "aircast" that she can put on and take off herself. She's wearing to go to school but taking it off at home.
She's also going to physiotherapy twice a week, paid for by the Province, thankfully, and the exercises she's doing there are helping to get rid of the limp that she'd developed. She's even going to some of the off-ice training sessions now, and is back at taekwon-do, albeit in a limited way. Her teacher did get her involved last week though during self-defense drills...

Dan's Lullaby

Last week Dan sang a lullaby to his big stuffy, Ellie....

He's got the family singing gene.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Another Weekend, Another New Lake

Just a quick post to show off some photos from a 3km walk we did on Saturday at the Upper Kananaskis Lake, 40km or so south of where our trailer is. Olga had given the dogs a trim, so they deserved to have some photos taken of them too...