Saturday, 28 March 2009

New photos

I've uploaded a couple of new photos we took today - Lara was having fun with the oven glove, they're in the New Uploads section on the left. Then Mishka and her decided to play fetch, only Mishka seemed to take advantage of his little sister...

Friday, 27 March 2009

A quiet, yet busy, week

This week hasn't been anything out of the ordinary, we've been busy with work and Lara, and Lucy popped over on Tuesday evening for a couple of nights, but other than that, it's been quite run of the mill.

Having said that, Olga did take Lara to the GP on Wednesday afternoon, after what seemed like a rash appeared on one of her legs. At first we feared it might be chicken pox, there's an "alert" abot it at the nursery, where they've had some cases recently in the older kids' room. Then we thought it might be a reaction to the MMR jab she had 5 weeks ago, it's not uncommon for rashes to appear associated with this, and it was in the area of her injections. In the end the GP felt it was "just one of those things" and nothing to worry about, and indeed it had cleared up on its own by Thursday morning.
She's still decided against walking, although there is more standing and wobbling going on, but when it comes to getting around, cruising on her knees is the preferred method. Everything in good time, we feel, there's no rush.

It's been a good week for news, not least that Lucy's visit gave us a chance to celebrate her engagement to Sergei! Does he know what he's letting himself in for, marrying a Medvedeva!!!?

Oh, and Olga is well on her way to becoming a fully fledged British woman, having passed her citizenship test with flying colours last Friday. She had to revise for literally 2 hours, but then again I suppose she's been revising on and off for the past 6 or 7 years. For the purposes of this blog I did google "typical British woman" and the first image returned was:

That was off a Polish forum website though....

Then there was this image (helpfully the image was called "fat-birds-drunk.jpg"):

So far, not so encouraging (and not so representative, of course!!) .. but there was one last photo which crept in, although it was representing "typical Canadian women":

I suppose it's one way to keep warm in winter.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mother's Day - extra

Talking of Mother's Day, a quick mention must go to Becca, who gave birth to Tess Heather Chapman Lawrence this morning. Tess clearly wanted to wait until the right day to give her mum a special present, and made her appearance at 00.01 this morning!
6lbs 13oz and everyone's well (that's 3.09kg, Luda!). Still on for the Reading Beer Festival in 5 weeks, Anton!!?
Here's Tess...

Mother's Day

I would love to take the credit for Lara's card to her mum, but it was all the nursery's work. I know she likes having her photo taken, but she saved an extra-special nice smile for this photo that one of the nursery staff took.
We didn't make a big deal of today, we've been too busy this weekend trying to finish some jobs in the garden (we moved the summerhouse 3 feet to the left today. No, honest, we did!) - we are still amazed at how little you get done when there's a kiddy to look after! I was up at 6.30 with her this morning and it was still 11am before we made up to the decking to start work! It'll all be worth it when we have a lovely place to sit on a summer's evening, Lara playing for a while before bed, then us relaxing with a glass of wine, listening to the snoring coming from the baby monitor. Just like her mother... (joking!!)
Happy Mother's Day to my Mum and to Luda!
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