Thursday, 23 October 2008

All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm NOT ready for my close-up

It was photograph day at the nursery yesterday, when all the kids get their portraits taken. Well, that's the theory. Lara was dressed in a lovely denim dress with a white shirt, we combed her hair (for all the good it did) and dropped her off...
When we came to pick her up, Sam, the nursery assistant who looks after Lara, reported that they just couldn't get Lara to settle in front of them camera, she'd start screaming when they put her down in the portable studio! In the end they just gave up trying and Lara didn't get her photo taken, although Sam reports that she was absolutely fine the rest of the day, it was just this photo session that bothered her. Perhaps she only likes Mum or Dad to take her picture?! We'll need to set up a studio at home and take a nice portrait there instead. Lara needs to get over that or her supermodel career will be over before it begins (between playing in major tennis tournaments and curing cancer).
Sam also reports that only she can feed Lara in nursery, Lara won't let any of the other assistants do it! Are we raising a picky madam!!?

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Anonymous said...

Eve always preferred her keyworker, also called Sam, and would follow her around all day. She has started doing this less now apparently, which must be a relief for sure Lara will move on soon.