Monday, 6 June 2011

Right, back again

After a few hectic weeks, life is returning to a different normality now.

Dad's funeral went as well as could be expected. Lara and her cousin Elizabeth were very good in the chapel, and enjoyed running around and playing at the "do" afterwards at Radcliffe cricket club.

Since then, Lara's been to a friend's party at an indoor play centre:

Then last week we went to the circus that was on in High Wycombe. Of course Lara liked the clowns, and the acrobats were doing things that she recognised from her gymnastics (albeit 30 feet higher than she normal performs!). There were dancing horses, but the highlight were three Brazilian motorcyclists riding around in a big metal spherical ball - the Ball of Death, if you like. It was an amazing sight. Here's someone else's video of it I found on youtube:

Cricket at Littlewick has been a mixed bag, 3 straight heavy defeats, followed by us having to forfeit a game through lack of players, then this last Saturday we had a big win against our rivals at the bottom of the league table. Results and scorecards are here.

One plan we have for a future holiday is to rent a motorhome and tour around, perhaps in Scotland, or maybe the USA or Canada. To give us an idea of what kind of motorhome we'd need to rent, on Sunday we visited a huge motorhome show at Stratford-upon-Avon, and had a look inside dozens, from the very small to the ridiculously huge. The most expensive one we visited was £80,000 to buy!

We have booked one little holiday, up to Scotland and back on the sleeper from London Euston. We'll leave on a Sunday night in August, get off at Upper Tyndrum station in the middle of nowhere (a very beautiful middle of nowhere all the same), have a bit of a stroll, then get a normal train up to Fort William for the night, returning on the Tuesday night to arrive back Wednesday morning. It's just Olga, Lara and I but it might be a tight squeeze in one of those sleeper cabins! Given that we've done longer rail journeys in Russia with Lara, and without her in the USA, it shouldn't be a problem.

And finally, I had a strange trip back in time on Saturday - the cash machine gave me £5 notes! I'd heard they were planning on doing this, but it was the first time I can remember getting a fiver out of one since I was in Keele in '97!

This is our last normal week for a while, Olga is off to Kazakhstan again on Saturday morning for 2 weeks, then soon after that we going on our rearranged summer holiday to the Med for 2 weeks.