Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A trip to Radcliffe

We went up to see my parents this weekend, we're getting better at travelling with all the "kids" now, we had barely half-filled the boot this time, and I could see out of the back window for a change! The boys were very good, they spent most of the time playing in the back garden with some treats from Morrisons meat counter, so that kept them occupied.  Lara was busy chatting away, her big new word of the weekend was "Morning", mostly used in context too, to greet everyone, although we of course played along when she "morning"-ed us at teatime. She still thinks it's fun to call me Mama, until the real Mama points out that Lara will get more attention from me if she calls me Papa - I'm hoping she learns this quickly, it's embarrasing at nursery when I go in to pick her up and she shouts "Mama" and comes running towards me with that big smile!
She'll make a fine wife one day, she loves her tidying up, as we found out on Sunday; as the grown ups were busy loading up the car, Lara decided to sweep up in the conservatory where the boys had been sleeping:

On the way home we went through Lincoln to catch up with newlyweds Owen & Catherine, where we stuffed our pockets with the leftovers from their Sunday buffet - thanks guys, and I hope the honeymoon is going well!

Tomorrow it's Photograph Day at the nursery, as if we don't have enough already of her, but let's see what a professional can do with her. It does mean Olga will have to take some time picking out Lara's outfit tomorrow morning - I'm quite glad it's Olga's turn actually, so I can't get the blame if the photo doesn't come out nicely!

Whoosh, and a week flies by

Wow, how quick has the last 10 days flown by? Last week was a pretty normal week; we're learning that Lara isn't a breakfast-person, we've stopped giving her anything at all before she gets to nursery, and even then she's eating anywhere between 20% and all her breakfast there. One thing is consistent though - she's hungry by lunchtime, when she always has second helpings. We've tried changing her cereal, and at the moment Shreddies or Cheerios are favoured over Weetabix or porridge.
The other excitement is that we bought her first bike last week. We've not given it to her yet, it's hiding in the garage, as we went up to Radcliffe at the weekend, but if the weather is OK this coming weekend, we'll take her to the park and see how she gets on. As a token, we did let her try on her helmet - she doesn't know why she has it yet though!

And here's the bike... sssshh, don't tell Lara!