Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Hibernation Over?

This morning it seemed like most of Wycombe woke up from hibernation, the roads were busy, it was like a normal Tuesday. It was a barmy three degrees when I drove home to see the boys at lunchtime, who knows, maybe our rubbish will be collected sometime this week - I think the last collection was on December 7th! I'm sure the council will be anxious to refund us a small amount on our council tax... Ah, I see from the council's website that "waste collections will return to normal from January 11th where possible.."
Lara is over her latest cold, but all-in-all it probably lasted more than three weeks; I can remember the mother of Chloe, Lara's best friend at nursery, saying to one of the staff.. "yeah, she seems to have a cold" wayyy back in the middle of December, and thinking, "great, Lara will be getting that then".
Lara seems to be bored of counting now, she seems more interested in standing with her hands on her hips, looking stern, and saying "Nooooooo!" when something is happening that she doesn't agree with; it's quite sweet in a demanding-little-madam kind of way!
Time to fight the traffic to get home now...