Sunday, 26 October 2008

Apples, anyone?

I had to admit defeat in trying to mow the back lawn yesterday afternoon, it's just too long at the moment, and too damp underneath. Also there is a carpet of fallen apples, which I was planning to just mow into the grassbox as I went along. I got precisely nowhere, but not wanting to waste the time in the garden, I decided to bite the bullet and try to pick up the fallen apples. Considering the tree still has many apples still attached, this year must have been a bumper year for the apple crop. I got Olga to guestimate the weight of one of the bags of apples that I took to our new recycling bin, and using Lara's weight as a guide, we reckoned this bag was around 12kg. Well, it was the last of 5 bags that I had collected! 60kg of apples, or around 130lbs... I went to Asda later for a buy-in, and noticed that a kilo of Cox's apples is £1.28.
We agreed we will try harder next year to collect them as they fall and before they rot on the ground. Anyone visiting next summer WILL enjoy the apple sauce, apple pie, apple crumble, hopefully cider, and any other apple-based products they are offered, OK!

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