Thursday, 1 March 2012

Kicking like a small mule & Lara update

You might need to watch this a couple of times, but Junior is defintely having a good old wriggle..

Tomorrow morning we're going to Wycombe hospital for Olga to have a scan for her "AFI" - amniotic fluid index - to see how much of her bump is baby and how much is fluid.

We took Lara to the GP on Monday afternoon, she's had a bad cough for 10 days now and we just wanted their opinion on it, it didn't seem to be getting any better. He was happy that her chest was clear, and we just need to keep going with the usual treatment of lots of fluids. She has got a bit better during the week, although when she does cough, it sounds really bad. One thing that probably wasn't helping was the disturbed nights she's been having as we see if she can go through the night without a nappy. It seems not, whilst there have been a handful of dry nights, this has been more down to Olga and I getting up in the night to put her on the potty than anything her body is doing. So last night we decided to put her back in nappies at night, so we can all get a relatively undisturbed night's sleep - poor Olga is still waking regularly but that is understandable at the moment!
Researching on the net seems to show that nighttime bladder control in kids is triggered by the release of a hormone, and this can happen anytime between around 2 and 7 years of age, it just seems random, like most stages of kids' development, it just happens naturally at different times for different kids. So, we'll put Lara back in nappies at night now, and just wait and see when they start to come off dry in the morning, then we'll try again without a nappy. Until then, we'll all get as much sleep as we can until Junior arrives.
Today she had to go to nursery dressed as a character from one of her favourite books, and she went as Little Red Riding Hood; fortunatley Baba Luda had manufactured a cape just for such an occasion:

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

An update on the update

Olga has been back to Stoke Mandeville today, and the midwife that put her on the monitor was happy that she could no longer hear the ectopic heartbeat - just a normal one now.
So, 36 weeks today. Lara was born at 36+4...
We still have the scan to attend on Friday morning at High Wycombe hospital, where we'll find out if Junior is the size of a small car already, or if he is just doing lengths in an olympic-sized swimming pool of amniotic fluid.