Monday, 1 June 2015

Time for a move

(not our pile of boxes!)
We've taken the decision that it's time to move house. This current house was perfect for us when we first arrived, we needed somewhere nice, low maintenance, in a good area, that we could afford, and it ticked all the boxes.
But now the kids are two years older, and in particular the difference in Dan, from being a 1 year old to a 3 year old, means that we just don't have the floor space here that we need, we're constantly moving toys around from one place to another, and the kids just don't have the room to run around inside, which is necessary when it's too cold to play outside for 4 months of the year.
So, we've bought a load of cardboard boxes, and we're packing up, ready to have our estate agent ("realtor" over here) come and take the photos and list the house on the market, sometime next week hopefully.
Things can move quite quickly here with house moves, and though this move probably won't be a as quick as when we bought this place (2 weeks from making the offer to moving in), we hope it will all be completed before we go off on our summer camping holiday in early August. We're not anticipating any problems with selling this house, we just have to hope that the right house comes on the market at the right time for us, in the Airdrie area or very close by. The most important thing is that Lara continues in her current school, she's settled in so well, and has made lots of friends and is very happy there, so we won't move too far away.

Beardy Weirdy

My playoff beard has outlasted the Calgary Flames by a few weeks now, since they lost to the Anaheim Ducks, and I'm quite attached to it now, although I think it's in need of a trim - I find I can still be eating my dinner 5 minutes after my plate is empty, as I find bits of it stuck in the forest above my top lip. So here is a photo of it now, in all its glory before I trim it. The photos don't quite do it justice, it's bushier than it looks!

It's been seven weeks or so since I last shaved, but for the last three weeks there has been very little change in it, I think it's decided that it's had enough, that's that, no more.