Friday, 5 February 2010

Never mind potty training...

After the false alarm before the holiday, it seems Lara had contracted chickenpox, but it's only shown itself today. She had half a dozen spots at lunchtime when we took her home, and I'm about to leave the office now and go and see how the patient is...

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Phasing Out Nappies


Just before she went on holiday, we started Lara's potty training, quite casually though. While she was at Baba Luda's though, this intensified to the point where Lara could run around the flat in knickers and a t-shirt, and was very good at asking for the potty when it was time for a tinkle. She has got so good at it that today was the first day we sent her to nursery without a nappy on. There were nappies in her bag, just in case things got out of hand (or all over hands, as the case may be), along with many replacement knickers and tights, but the staff reported she was very good, with only one tinkling accident all day, and a couple of poops, but we're taking it very much one step at a time, and we're not bothered yet about the pooping (plus that's the staff's problem at nursery, after all, they're charging a fortune so we don't feel the slightist bit guilty if thay have to clean up after Lara). However, when it comes to tinkles, she's very good, and tells us when she needs the potty, and so far performs the necessary 95% of the time.  So, from now on it'll be nappies when we're out and about, and through the night, but when she's at home or at nursery, it's knickers and tights with easily-pulled down trousers, or skirts or a dress. And that's just me, boom boom. 
She's sleeping very well again, so far this week it's been after 7am when we've gone in to wake her, or she's just been stirring around then. She is waking in the night, but this seems to be mostly when she's dreaming, and we've just given her a few seconds while we listen to the monitor, and she's gone back to sleep on her own. She's gone back to having an hour's nap at nursery, but this might just be about her body getting back used to UK time, we don't expect that to continue.
She's getting very vocal, and can express herself really quite clearly when she wants to, although there are times when there is just a general wailing or crying, usually associated with pointing at whatever it is she wants that we won't let her have, or we don't understand what she needs. We have started asking her to tell us in words what she wants, and she's learning that this method gets results more quickly than her wailing and pointing. She's also very funny with the dogs, she knows when Jackson's done something wrong (we're still working on his potty training!) and she'll go up to him, wagging her index finger and saying "Naughty Jackson, Naughty!"

There'll be more potty updates in the next few months - I'm sure you'll all be desperate to keep up with her progress!!

A Photo Album At Last

The travellers got home safe and sound early on Monday morning. The flight from Helsinki was a little delayed in taking off, which gave Lara the excuse for her only tantrum of the return trip, and this was just five minutes of loud sulking because she had to sit in her seat with her seatbelt on while the plane was delayed. Other than that she was very well behaved, and a pattern seemed to emerge of her falling asleep with half an hour or so of the flight to go, so after two and a half hours in the air. This will be worth remembering if we take her on a longer flight anywhere.
Her rash had recurred a little while she was away, but anti-histamines seemed to keep it under control, but there was one day when it was quite uncomfortable for her in the nappy area, and she spent much of that day lounging around watching Winnie the Pooh DVDs on Luda's laptop. The discomfort only seemed to last a day, and by the time she came home she was absolutely fine. We wondered if the drastic change in diet might have triggered it, the milk is certainly different there, and many of the foods contain additives or flavourings that she wouldn't be used to. Anyway, she coped like the little trooper she is, and even a sore ankle didn;t stop her running around, albeit with a limp. Maybe she twisted it when no-one was looking, but again, she was fine by the time she came running up to me in the Arrivals Hall in T3 at Heathrow on Monday morning.
Anyway, Olga managed to keep the photograph & video collection down to a very impressive 65 files, and I've trimmed it down to 30, with self-explanatory captions... enjoy!

Russia Jan 2010

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