Monday, 4 January 2016

Dan Skis Freely on the Blue Runs

On Tuesday 29th December we took the plunge and took Dan onto a longer chairlift at Nakiska, that means he had to ski a couple of blue runs (next level up from greens) to get back to the lodge at the base. I held him on his reins the whole time, so there is no video from that first day, but Olga snapped a photo:

Then this last weekend we felt the runs were quiet enough in the morning that we'd let him ski down without me holding him, and he did really well. He didn't seem out of control at any point, though the speed he attained at times had Olga a bit worried to say the least!

And here's Dan following Olga rather closely, but always in control!

Dan the Gymnast

Dan goes to a gymnastics session on Mondays while Lara has her swimming and taekwondo lessons, and here he is in December at the last session of term, swinging like a monkey. He didn't understand that he was supposed to swing and then let go - he was holding on for dear life!

He survived the drop and got a certificate from his coaches for his troubles: