Saturday, 9 January 2010

A Wintery Walk

We made a decision to get up early today and make the most of the lovely, clear morning, and went for a walk in our usual place in West Wycombe. We had the walk to ourselves, and this meant we were able to let Mishka off the lead for an hour. He and Jackson have been lazing and dozing around the house all afternoon, letting their poor, tired legs recover, they ran for miles.
They didn't see the hare that Olga spotted, or they might have run further. Maybe that was just as well.

When we came back, we gave Lara a present to make up for me not finding a sledge anywhere. I really should have seen this coming! A Bob the Builder toy brightened her day, after she'd been sulking on the walk because we wouldn't let her walk:

The eagle-eyed reader might notice the ice-cube in my whiskey - yes, it's part of an icicle I broke off the outside of the house. We're covered in them, including a giant one outside the bedroom window.