Sunday, 26 October 2008

Poor Old Mishka

No sooner has Lara recovered from her lurgy (sorry, Baba Luda, I mean illness!) than Mishka decides it's his turn to get some attention. Olga had noticed earlier this week that Mishka was behaving slightly strangely, it seemed like he was trying to lick the air around his head! On Wednesday evening I noticed something nasty in his fur on the side of his head, below his ear. By Thursday evening he was scratching this area a lot, so on Friday we took him to the vets, and either a cut or an insect bite has become infected, and he has a badly affected patch of skin about the size of a £2 coin. The vet shaved this affected area so we can get to it to clean it, and apply some magic gel, and Mishka's also on antibiotics now, but to top it all off, he needs to wear one of those radar dishes as much as possible over the next few days to prevent him from scratching the affected area. He really didn't like it on Friday evening, and we let him sleep without it then, but as of yesterday he's wearing it all the time apart from when we take him on walks. He's off into kennels next Saturday morning until Monday afternoon, so we hope it will have cleared up by then. Imagine the embarrassment he'll feel in front of other dogs if he has to go in looking like this:

It's also taking him some time to get used to getting through doorways and between furniture, and while he's got it on we dont' let Lara play with him in case he accidentally hits her with his "dish".

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