Wednesday, 23 June 2010

What a match! (Wimbledon, not England)

I'm a loss for words about that match that is going on at Wimbledon. Play was suspended in the 5th set at 9.10pm after 10 hours of play with the score at 59 games all. We first noticed the score around 6pm when it was merely 30-30. Olga dragged me off to have some food in Marlow at about 36-36. When we left after 2 courses, it was 48-48. When the Germany-Ghana game finished at 9.15, play had just been suspended with the score at 59-59! I can't wait to see how it finishes tomorrow. I really hope the Queen asks to meet the players, they certainly deserve it. I can't think of another sporting equivalent to this game. Atherton's 185 not out in South Africa in Johannesburg in 1995 must come close, but he had numerous lengthy breaks for trivial things like food or sleep. But then again the South Africans could rest their bowlers...

The Barcelona Photo Album

I've put the Barcelona photo album here on the left of the Blog, it's fairly brief. We had a lovely time, arriving on Sunday at the hotel at lunchtime. We had a lazy afternoon, catching up on a bit of sleep then going out for tapas. Monday was our main sightseeing day, it was humid but overcast, but we did a lot of walking, and saw some the main sights. There was an "icebreaker" reception at the conference at teatime, where Lara was a polite and charming (and mostly well-behaved) star attraction on the Geotrace stand. Olga was working from Tuesday until Thursday, which gave Lara and I plenty of time for lazing in the "hot bubbly pool" (the jacuzzi) and touring the shopping centre which was just next door, complete with a Primark so we had to do some shopping. In the evenings we tried out different restaurants that were part of this shopping centre, with Lara seeming to enjoy paella. We were at our baggage limit with Ryanair, but there were just some things we saw that we had to have, like the kiddies' sunbed and a pair of training rollerblades, complete with helmet and pads, that we arranged to be driven back to the UK in a lorry with our Geotrace stand (the computers, tables, chairs etc..) so we'll pick those up from Geotrace's other office in a day or two.
It was an early start on Friday morning to make our 10.15am plane from Girona to Bristol, but we made it OK, and really the whole travelling to and from thing was rather easy, if time-consuming. Well worth the effort for a few days in a nice hotel in Barcelona though!

Where to watch "The Game"

Today's big decision is where to watch the game this afternoon. The Boss has insisted that there should be no drinking in the office, and so everyone must go to the pub next door with its beer garden and big screens. He goes on..."no-one should return to the office drunk, so they must stay in the pub after the game". You see why I've worked here for 12 years!! The employees are actually revolting a little, we're suggesting getting some beer and pizza in the office and watching it on a big screen in our meeting room (streamed over the internet, thus breaking two corporate policies of no alcohol in the office and no streaming TV on the company's internet line). Either way, Olga and I have made the sensible decision to get the bus to work, leaving the car at home, and Aunty Lucy is coming over today as well and will help Baba Luda with Lara while we're "working".
Come on Ennggerrrrrrrlaaaand. I'm predicting a nerveless, straightforward, "what was all the fuss about" 3-0 win. I need to say that as I've got a fiver on England making the Final and am growing a goatee for as long as England are in the tournament.

In the beer garden next to my office, they've turned the TVs on already (11.50am) so I can listen to all the build-up!