Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Under the weather

Obviously that's not Lara, but it represents how she was on Monday morning. She's had a bit of a cough over the weekend, and on Monday wasn't quite herself, but she went to nursery anyway. Olga got a call before lunch that Lara had been sick, and she dashed there to collect her. The poor luv was sitting on the floor on her own in her room , still wearing her sick-stained clothes, hugging a bucket the staff had given her. She just burst into tears when she saw Olga and went for a big hug. At the time Olga didn't question why the staff hadn't cleaned her up and given her some comforting, but we'll be asking that tomorrow. Anyway, it seems to be nothing serious at all, and Lara was her normal self by Monday afternoon, but has had to stay out of nursery until tomorrow afternoon.
Olga herself isn't on tip-top form after having some back teeth out on Friday, so it's TLC all round on Deeds Grove at the moment.