Friday, 27 March 2015

"Can I cut its head off?"

Olga and Lara are enjoying some mother-daughter bonding time this teatime... Preparing some bream to cook. Lara's checked the stomach contents, descaled them, and asked if she can cut its head off. Apparently she has to wait until it's cooked before she gets to do that..

Postscript: After the fish had been cooked and delivered to Lara, and she duly removed its head, Dan - sitting next to her at the table - chimed in with "I want to cut a fish's head off too!"... that's my boy:-)

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Skating progression

This week has seen a slight yet important step forward for Lara and her skating; her coach has given the OK for Lara to skate without wearing a helmet. It shows the coach has confidence in Lara's ability, but also makes Lara feel a bit more like one of the older girls. The question arose after Lara saw the costume she'll be wearing for this year's skating gala - a mermaid - and she wondered how the helmet would fit into the ensemble. So, now she's helmet-free.. Dan starts his skating lessons next month, in a parent and tot group with Olga. He'll definitely be in a helmet. And face guard. And bubble wrap if we could arrange it!