Thursday, 22 September 2016

Happy Birthday, Olga

And Happy Birthday too to Olga on the 22nd. Always has been a stubborn, playful, gentle, loyal and intelligent part of our family... Hang on, no, sorry, that was Mishka. Olga is all that and much more - beautiful, funny, determined, protective, and doesn't need two walks a day or she'll poop in the garden.
Her kids are pretty cute too..
We went to our usual family-friendly restaurant, Ricky's, for Olga's birthday meal.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Happy 10th Birthday, Mishka

Sarianova Lucky Fella turned 10 in human years on the 20th September, or 70 in dog years. Always has been a stubborn, playful, gentle, loyal and intelligent part of our family. Long may he continue thinking he's a teenager!  And just to think we almost didn't get him - he and his sister arrived as a complete surprise 24 hours after their other brother and sisters!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Canmore & Banff Camping Weekend

This weekend the weather forecast looked good, and as it might have been the last weekend of warm weather for some time, we took the opportunity to take Harvee the RV out to Canmore and Banff on Saturday and Sunday.
The weather wasn't quite as warm as we hoped, but Harvee stayed nice and warm and it was great to be able to set up quickly on Saturday afternoon and leave quickly on Sunday morning. Lara and I had a one-hour trail ride booked in Banff, a round-trip through forest and along the banks of the Bow River, and we took the opportunity to drive up to the Mount Norquay ski area to see how Harvee liked the hairpin bends (no problems) and to take some scenic photographs of the RV overlooking Banff.