Thursday, 2 September 2010

Dr Lara

More on the funny things Lara comes out with. This morning Olga was feeling under the weather with a cold, and when I told Lara this, she went up to Olga and said "Mama, are you sick? You should have some syrup if you're sick." Syrup is what we call nurofen and tixylix, and the concern in Lara's voice was just so touching. She seems to be very caring about others - one of the mums at nursery, who works here in our office with us, said she saw Lara and her friend Sophie running around a corner on the way to the toilets, and Lara knocked Sophie over by accident, but seemed really concerned about her, helping to pick Sophie up and asking "Are you OK? Are you OK?".
This week is Lara's last in the "Dolphins" room, from next week she'll move to the next room up - "Sealions". She's already been spending some time in there over the past few weeks, and doesn't seem phased by it, but the change from her keyworker of the past year or more, Emma, to her new keyworker, Catherine, might be a bit of a trauma. Recently Lara's wanted to take new toys to nursery "to show to Emma", so she's become quite attached.  Perhaps this change in one of the regular people in her life might be good practice for when Baba Luda leaves in a few weeks, which will be another shock to Lara, I'm sure.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Chatty Lara in English and Russian

Lara's language skills are coming on in leaps and bounds, and just so we note down things she says that make us laugh, we thought we'd record them here.
She made us laugh on the train yesterday on the way into London..
the train goes into a tunnel, Lara's looking out of the window: "Oooooohh, where's the sky gone?"

Another train passes ours, and Lara pulls a scared face and draws her hands up to her cheeks: "I'm scared of the choo-choo!" Then burst into a big, cheesy smile - she was only joking.

Then, in the aquarium, it's about 2pm, we're halfway around the tour and when asked if she wants to see whatever's next on the little map: "No, Mama, I'm finished. It's lunchtime."

Earlier in the weekend she rattled off a sentence in reply to something Baba said to her, and Olga giggled, and I had to get it translated; it seems Lara had said, in perfect Russian, "We'll go for a walk, but we'll not play". Olga reports that Lara's Russian is very good, and whilst she speaks more in English, she obviously understands what Baba is saying to her, and can reply. Today when Olga and I came home from work, Lara and Baba were playing in the lounge, but Lara shouted to Olga "We're working" in Russian, so good that even I could understand it. She seems to know that she needs to talk to me in English, although sometimes she does say things in Russian, but my puzzled look seems to remind her to say it in English too. Tonight she said goodnight to Baba in both Russian and English.

We're still here!

Wow, 2 weeks.. it's obviously been a busy time. Firstly I was away in Banglasdesh again last week, that was just work, work, work, but we did get chance to test out my new laptop, using Skype to chat with Olga and Lara. Lara's getting good at grasping the concept ("Make Papa big, Mama" meaning show the webam pic full screen, for example) and understands that it's almost as good as me being there, and she can show me her new toys, or a new dance she's learned. Seeing as she knew I'd been away, I did feel I ought to buy her a present when I came back, so I spent most of my 2 hour stop in Dubai on the way back finding her something. She's just started watching the Toy Story films, so I found her a big, cuddly Buzz Lightyear:

She knew straight away who it was when I brought him home, although she called him "Robot" to start with, but now he's "My Buzz". He's big, around 2 feet tall, and she insists on going to bed with him, but we have to move him out of the way before we go to sleep or he'll wake her up anytime she rolls over. 
Then it was Bank Holiday weekend, with LGCC losing their last game of the season, and me finishing the way I started the season, with a duck, but with an overall batting average of 34.5 runs, with a bonus 8 wickets and 10 catches on the side.
On Sunday afternoon we went over to Anton and Becca's house for a party, and Lara had a great time playing with Eve and Tess, and demolishing sweetcorn cobbs.
Yesterday we went to the Sea Life London Aquarium on the South Bank.  Olga and I had been before, but Lara loved seeing the fish, and even touched a starfish (she was allowed to!). She was kind enough to have a 90 minute nap whilst we popped to the pub for a bite to eat and a drink, then as we headed to the tube station, walking past Trafalgar Square, Lara saw the lion statues and waterfalls and we had to go for a closer look.

Sorry the photos are shakey but I wasn't allowed to use the flash in the aquarium