Sunday, 23 May 2010

At last.... (updated)

If you look really closely, you'll see that that photo is actually of Andrew Flintoff, and not me, but it might have well have been me! I'd not reported on Littlewick Green 2nd XI's first two games of the season, seeing as they were defeats, but yesterday we enjoyed our first win. We were short of bowlers, and even I had to bowl 9 overs, something I've not done before, not in one spell at least. I concentrated enough to get three wickets, it could have been five had a simple catch been taken and an umpire hadn't heard the mythical sound of leather on willow a microsecond before the really obvious sound of leather on plastic-covering-of-batsman's-pad. Anyway, the opposition declared on 276-4 after 50 overs, and we reached 278-7 in the 44th over of our reply. The opposition helped us as much as possible by conceding a massive 67 extras, beating our top-scorer who made 53, but hey, I'm not complaining, 30 points is 30 points and although we're still bottom of the division, there's now only 5 points between us and the team in the middle of the division.

Update: I've finally got round to writing a Match Report.

A visitor to the garden

We had a visitor this morning. Usually we get Monkjack deer, but this one was bigger, perhaps a fallow deer. She (I'm assuming a she) hopped over into the upper part of our garden, then hopped over our keep-the-dogs-away-from-the-decking fence, and wandered about for a few minutes, venturing quite close to the house. The boys were safely restrained in the house, but they were going mental. After a few minutes of wondering how she might defeat my terrier-proof garden, she hopped back over to the top part of the garden and escaped to the neighbours. Only when she was safely away did I "release the hounds" and let them go and explore the exciting new smells.