Monday, 8 March 2010

International Women's Day

A tip to the men out there, especially the British ones, who'll have no idea that today is International Women's Day, go and buy flowers! Olga and I don't bother with Valentine's Day (outrageous con by the greetings card industry, and the florists are in on it too), but I always make sure she gets flowers today (and the other women in the office, and Lara's nursery workers, as it's Women's Day, not just Wife's Day). I know, I know, it falls just before Mother's Day. Oh, we can't win, can we? :-)

It was a suitably big deal to Olga, who phoned her grandma this morning, in Petrokamensk (Skype to a landline works well), where we went on holiday a while back. to wish her Happy Women's Day. Olga's mum is visiting Grandma at the moment, getting some jobs done before she comes over here. Here's a photo of Luda with Olga's grandma (sitting down) and Grandma's neighbour, taken outside Grandma's house, in June 2008..

Olga's mum did ask Olga if "her husband has given her flowers yet?" this morning! Baba Luda, give me a chance to get to the shop first!!

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