Monday, 8 March 2010

Cricket updates

I nearly saw the England team this weekend....
Well, I had an outside chance of going to Dhaka for 24 hours to deliver this bid that we've been working on last week, but the 2nd-in-command got that job, and just as well, as the England team moved to Chittagong on Wednesday, and won't be back in Dhaka for a week or so yet. Our MD had more luck last weekend, he was staying there for a couple of nights while the England team were there. The players weren't allowed in the hotel bar, not even for soft drinks, and in fact our boss was asked by Graeme Swann to get him a bottle of fizzy water. When asked for an autograph in return (for me, I'd asked if the boss could get something signed for LGCC to auction later this year), he was told that the players "aren't allowed to sign anything". The boss did catch Swanny out on another occasion, literally, when the team were playing cricket by the pool with a wet sponge ball and a tray for a bat. Sideshow Bob (Ryan Sidebottom) was told off by the cricket authorities for wearing shorts in the hotel's reception area, and Pietersen was grumbling because the hotel gym wasn't up to his standards. I don't know what he was grumbling about, I thought it was great, from what I saw of it (through the gym windows, from my chair by the pool bar, during happy hour).

On the home front, I attended my first Littlewick Green Cricket Club Committee Meeting on Tuesday night in my new capacity as Captain of the Second Eleven. The opportunity arose a few weeks ago when I was quietly approached by a member of the second XI, and after discussing it with Olga, I accepted. It would involve me playing more often than I did last summer, and I didn't want to feel like I was "abandoning" Olga to look after Lara for almost all of every Saturday during the summer, but with Luda coming over to help, that takes the pressure Olga, and hence me, a lot. It's also LGCC's 200th anniversary year this year, and seems like it would be a good year to be more involved in the Club. Plus it's about time I tested myself as a captain as well as a slogger, we'll see how my decisions pan out.

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