Thursday, 11 March 2010

The little bossy boots

Lara continues to make us laugh with her personality. I was brushing her hair before bed the other night, not something that Dads are naturals at, I suspect.. if Lara's comment of "Oww, Papa, be gentle" was anything to go by. She's not quite worked out apologising yet, as she also has a habit of apologising to me when I brush a knot out of her hair (when I'm being gentle).
Then as I'm offering her her bedtime yoghurt, she wants to take the lid off (and ripping it - "Broken, Papa"), and hold the pot herself whilst scooping a huge spoonful into her mouth. After one messy spoonful, I'm allowed to help, but I receive the strict instruction: "Don't drop it, Papa. Not on the floor".
I had the day off on Wednesday to work on the fences in the back garden, and Olga took Lara to nursery. Now, there was a major tantrum a few weeks ago when I tried to take her coat off for her upon arrival in the Dolphins room, and she wanted to take it off, so we've learnt to let her do it in her own time.  On Wednesday one of the other girls in the room hadn't understood this rule, and came over to give Lara a big hug before Lara was quite ready, and poor Freya was put in her place with a withering look and a sharp "Taking my coat off!". As if this wasn't bad enough, Freya was shouting "Lara! Lara!" while waiting for Lara to slowly take her coat off, to which Lara's response was "Don't shout." accompanied by a look that said this was Freya's last warning. It is fascinating that Lara can match her facial expression with the tone in which she says what she needs to say, and those three things together means she gets her message across with no misunderstanding.
We've had to take one of her potties into nursery as yesterday she wouldn't let any of the other kids use the one she normally uses.
What kind of a madam have we got?
Then again she does have her lovely moments...

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