Monday, 8 March 2010

Hoping for a quieter week this week

Last week was a very busy week, hence the lack of updates on here. I was involved in putting together a bid at work for more work in Bangladesh, and it needed to be submitted in person on Sunday morning in Dhaka. If the England team had been there, rather than in Chittagong, to play cricket, I might have volunteered to go, but they were in Chittagong, and I was glad I didn't have to go. Two 2am finishes on Thursday and Friday night were enough for me, and we had a lazy weekend to recover. The weather has been lovely for a few days, very Spring-like, and we tried to be outside as much as possible, although we achieved this more on Sunday than Saturday. Saturday was spent mulling around in the house, or in the garden, playing with the boys. We even tried - and succeeded - to watch a Midsomer Murders episode in the afternoon, with Lara. Thank god for Sky's Live Pause, and it took two and a half hours to watch a two hour programme, but we did find out who killed Orlando Bloom.  I did fall asleep in the bath for an hour on Saturday evening, and Olga went to bed at, our rock-n-roll lifestyle, eh?
We made more of an effort on Sunday, even Lara couldn't wait to get up - it was around 6.30am when we were roused by a faint... "Papa, Papa, I did a poo" coming over the baby monitor.  Olga didn't have to get up, Sundays are her morning for having a lie-in, but the early night had helped, and she was up by 7.15, so we had a quick breakfast and decided it was time to let Lara loose in the park on the bike we bought a few months ago..

It was more a case of her sitting on it and being pushed, but it was her first time, and perhaps it was better to concentrate on her understanding the concept of steering first. Something which she will find easier once she opens her eyes whilst on the bike.
In the afternoon we went shopping, Lara dropped off in the pram, which gave us a chance to pop to the pub for a well earned pint (with Lara! I realise that sounded like we abandoned her to go to the pub). We bought some new toys for the boys, to keep them busy while we're at work. Lara is funny with them, she knows when they've been naughty, and chastises them. Jackson was sternly told that he was "Naughty Jackson", accompanied by a wagging of the index finger, when he ate her downstairs potty (it was clean at the time!) one morning last week.

Lara's pottying is, shall we say, up and down. Good days and bad days. On Friday she went the whole day at nursery with no accidents, which was a first, but then on Saturday she was mostly rubbish.

Her talking is coming on a treat, as are her facial expressions, and you can really see her picking up traits from Olga and I - we need to be careful now to always set her a good example. She is so determined to do things on her own, she pulls faces that are exactly like her mum when Olga's determined to do something, it's uncanny. I heard Lara's best Russian this morning too, on the phone to Baba Luda, her "priv-yet" ("Hello") and "kak del-la" ("How are you") were as good as mine, if not better. It'll be amazing to see how she progresses while Baba Luda is here.

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