Sunday, 1 February 2009

Waiting for the snow

We're expecting a lot of snow tonight - maybe up to 10cm - which will make tomorrow interesting. Olga has to work in London, so we'll be leaving around 7.15am to go to the railway station. If we get that much snow, getting to Marlow will be interesting. Sadly I can't "work from home because of the snow" if I take Lara to nursery, as the nursery is only 500m from the office. I might drop Lara off and come back home anyway, as Lara has again thoughtfully passed on her nursery germs, so everyone here is full of a cold again, in fact Lara seems to be the least affected as of Sunday night.
Having said that, I needed to take Mishka out for a good walk this afternoon, and Olga needed some time alone to get some work done, so Lara and I wrapped up in our best winter woolies and we took Mishka for a walk. An hour was enough for us though, and we came home to listen to the Liverpool v Chelsea game on the radio (2-0 to Liverpool, only just though!!). Here's a quick snap of Lara in her best, Russian-handmade, winter woolly suit:

We did have a short blast of heavy snow for about 10 minutes around 6pm, to give everything a light dusting, and we thought that if that kept up all night, we'd be lucky to get out of the front door tomorrow morning, but it stopped, and as of now, 10pm, it's not started again :-(
Hopefully I'll be able to post some nice wintery pics tomorrow while Olga is at art class.

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