Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Right again

Well, we've had 3" of snow overnight. It didn't look promising yesterday evening, there wasn't a flake in the air, and the reports on the news were suggesting that the South East wouldn't get very much after all. However, there's enough this morning to make driving interesting, for Olga to decide against going to London (in case her clients can't make it in - they didn't on Monday!), and for Arriva buses to suspend their services from Wycombe. Lucy came over yesterday afternoon to collect her passport, which had been delivered to us, with her extended visa (phew!). However, now that means it'll be tricky to get her back to Reading this morning for her college course.
We're assuming Lara's nursery will be open - it was on Monday - but local radio reckons that my normal route there resembles the Dancing on Ice skating rink.
We'll wait and see......

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