Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More snow tomorrow? And salad on a bacon sandwich?

Let's see if the forecasters can make it two out of two this week; they're suggest more heavy snow overnight tonight in this area. I've created a new web album for some of the photos I took of Olga and Mishka playing in the garden on Monday, by the way, you can see them on the left of the blog.
Hobbies have been suspended this week - Olga's art class was postponed because of the weather, and I'll be watching Everton v Liverpool FA Cup replay tonight on TV.

I've added the BBC's Weather widget to the blog, and reduced the number of posts on show, (seeing as I've started rambling on in these posts) in case anyone is curious what the forecast is!

We've been on the receiving end of different scales of Company Policy this week - I forgot to mention that when I had my Breakfast Roll from Subway on Monday morning (oooh, the Mega Breakfast roll - bacon, sausage, egg and cheese on healthy italian bread) one of the questions from the employee was "What salad would you like on it?". For a microsecond I thought he was joking, but he seemed serious but also embarrassed that he had to ask. I politely declined....
Then today Olga has been on the receiving end of JD Wetherspoon's Company Policy on families. I knew they were placing restrictions on families with children in their pubs, that you had to have a meal if you wanted an alcoholic drink, but when Olga took Lucy and Lara in there today in Wycombe, she was required to buy a meal each for her and Lucy (they were happy to share one meal) and TWO alcoholic drinks each! They left and set off for another pub that we've tried without any hassle before. It's a shame as we'd definitely recommend Wetherspoons pubs as family friendly, and under other circumstances their restrictions would be perfectly acceptable, but this seemed a little too far today.

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