Thursday, 29 January 2009

Bury - Wikipedia Fame At Last

Today's "Featured Article" on the front page of Wikipedia was about the new Wind Farm that has been built just north of Bury (my home town), Lancashire. I'm sticking with the fact it's in Lancashire, and not Greater Manchester! You can see the turbines from my Mum & Dad's house in fact, albeit they're quite a few miles away, and hardly an eyesore. Here's a photo I took during our recent trip up there at Christmas, you can see the turbines on the moors on the far side of Rossendale Valley. The flat-topped hill to the middle right is Knowl Hill - more of that later.

I've taken Olga and Mishka up there a couple of times over the past few years, and they can testify that it certainly gets windy! In fact, here's a video I made in January 2007 when Mishka was only four months old, and we took him up onto Scout Moor, to climb Knowl Hill - the flat-topped hill in the video. It was sooooo windy (and cold!) on top that either I couldn't film or it was too noisy to include. It was my first attempt at video editing, so please don't expect anything worth an Oscar nomination. I wasn't very good at filming, either! It's quite big, and lasts 3 and a half minutes, so only bother looking if you're really bored at work and have a broadband connection!

In fact, here are a couple of stills from the video to give the idea..

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