Sunday, 25 January 2009

More of the same

Another quiet day here; Lara couldn't wait to wake up and get standing, after she had a lie in on Saturday until 9am, she decided that today was the day to get Dad up at 6.45, and there wasn't even a Match Of The Day to watch on TV (not fussed about the FA Cup highlights).
It's been more of the same today, Lara is very confident at pulling herself up, even only using one hand to hold on to the door gate in her nursery to pull herself up. If we put on the sofa downstairs she immediately climbs up the area Mishka has flattened down and from there she can sit on the windowsill and either watch the world go by or turn round and lord it over the lounge.
I took her out this afternoon so Olga could have some peace and quiet to get some work done, so we went to the Wendover to watch Liverpool v Everton, but this time in the FA Cup. Different competition, same result, 1-1, and Everton scored from a set-piece. Everyone in the pub could see that coming apart from Benitez, I think. We're also known in there now, I introduced myself to the regular barman and the landlord on Friday night, and for only the second time ever I have a local where the staff know my name and my regular drink. Lara's an attraction too who gets lots of attention, but that means she doesn't want to have a nap after I've fed her in there. Costa, the barman, did have to ask if she was a girl or a boy, but then I had dressed her in her Liverpool top, for probably the last time as she's nearly outgrown it.
She's tucked into fresh trout and vegetables with us for tea tonight, and had a late night, I only got her off to sleep at 9pm. Oh well, it's the weekend. It's the nursery's problem if she's grumpy tomorrow; I hope they keep an extra eye on her now though, we're just waiting for that first big fall.
If there's a hoodoo about the fact we've not been to casualty yet, or to hospital in general, for a long time, Olga thought it better she break that hoodoo than Lara, so she generously trapped her thumb in the car door on Wednesday. By Friday morning it was still very swollen and extremely painful, and we feared a break, but a quick trip to the Minor Injuries Clinic in Henley for a X-ray showed it wasn't broken, and time will be the healer. Someone should tell Lara though - have those of you with kids thought how you'd look after them without the use of a thumb!! Or worse still, with a very painful thumb. There have been screams...

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