Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Second Opinions Count!

Here's my niece Elizabeth, the poor love fell on Friday of last week at one of those toddler ball park play-gym places. During the subsequent trip to A&E the doctor decided it was a "pulled elbow", not a broken arm, and therefore she didn't need an x-ray, just a good twist of the arm - ouch - to tweak the arm bone back into the elbow muscle. Elizabeth wasn't using her arm well over the weekend, so Catherine & Nick took her back on Sunday and this time her arm was x-rayed and it, of course, it is broken. The lesson there is that whilst Doctors do know their stuff, you know your child, be aware that the Doc isn't foolproof, so if you're not happy, go back and get them to have another look!!

Elizabeth is being very brave and is enjoying the extra ice cream that's an essential part of her recovery, but the downside is getting her to sleep is a problem!

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