Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Watch Out, Rolf Harris....

....Olga's coming!
She's been meaning to pick up her brush and paints for a long time now, and over the past couple of years we've picked up the necessary bits and pieces, but she's not had the kick-up-the-bum she needed to actually get started. Having studied art at school for 5 years, she's no beginner, but we investigated the courses available through Buckinghamshire Adult Education services, and found an appropriate one started at a school in Marlow 2 weeks ago. After making some enquiries, it was established that there would be no problem for Olga to catch up on what the class had already done, and that by starting at lesson 3 of 10, she could pay a pro-rata fee for the remaining lessons, which clinched it.
So, Monday evening is Watercolour Painting evening for Olga, and her first class was this week. There are 8 students, with an average age now brought down considerably to about 47 by Olga's appearance, with only one man (is he genuinely interested in painting or did he choose it to meet ladies?!). It did mean we had a mad dash round an art shop in Maidenhead for the materials she still needed on Saturday, but between me enlarging photographs I've taken, and now Olga's paintings, and Lara's work when she gets a bit older, we're going to need a bigger house to hang it all up!
Without wanting to blow Olga's trumpet, I saw what she did on Monday night, and especially considering it's probably been 15 years since she painted, it was very good.
All I need to do now is train Mishka to sit still at my side for a few hours, and we can have one of those "Lord of the Manor" paintings of me and him above the fireplace....

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