Tuesday, 1 April 2008


If you intend to catch up with the Armstrong family goings-on over the last few days, stop at this point, and go and put the kettle on.
I've had an attack of manual diarrhea and the post about yesterday's events is a personal best word count. I actually started to cut it short half way through as I began to get hungry.
You have been warned.
And feel free to comment - Apart from the Hit Counter, it's the only way I know anyone other than Olga and Mum are reading this! Even if it's only to tell me to limit myself to 10-word posts from now on.


Catherine said...

I skip over the top posts and read bottom up from the last one that I read, so I have only just seen your warning! Enjoyed hearing about Monday immensely...

carole said...

What a day! I'm exhausted just reading about it. Will put the kettle on now. Dad just starting to read, so there will be a cuppa ready and waiting for him.

Well done all three of you.