Saturday, 5 April 2008

Family Success at Aintree

We had some success on the National today. We did back a few horses though! Olga and I both chose three, with one each to win and two each-way outsiders. Lucy picked a horse, and even Lara thumped the number 4 on the keyboard on the PC, so we back Mr Pointment for her.
I'd chosen Comply or Die as my "To-win" horse, and Olga had chosen King John's Castle as hers, so we actually picked the first and second horses. I would have been happy to have reversed the order though, as I'm rather cautious and only put £2 on my horse to win at 9/1, whereas Olga splurged £5 on hers at 12/1. Anyway, the £20 I won covers the money we spent, so whilst we'll not be on champagne tonight if we go out, at least we didn't lose any money! There was one point in the race where the first four horses were backed by the four of us, but unfortunately that didn't last.

Maybe I'll go for £3 next year....

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