Saturday, 5 April 2008

Lara update

Lara seems to be over her cold now. She had to have three more jabs on Thursday, and she weighed in at 13lbs 8oz (6.14kg), which means she'd only put 4 ounces on in 2 weeks, but we're not too surprised, given her cold, and that it's natural for her to slow down her weight gain. She's still on or above the 75th percentile though for her age.
Her sleeping is still quite good; we try to get to her bed by 8 o'clock at the latest, and she's waking around 5am for feed. One night it was 4.15, but another night it was closer to 6am - she seems to like moving around in her sleep and we usually find her pressed up against the bars of her cotbed, and this is probably what wakes her up. I did think about velcro-ing her sleepsuit to the mattress, but perhaps that's a little extreme! We might just tilt the mattress up slightly to at least slow down her progress!
Lucy's come over again this weekend, and there are rumours that Olga & I might put Lara to bed by 7.30 tonight and head off for a meal, and hopefully Lara will not give Lucy any trouble!

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