Saturday, 5 April 2008

The Boat

We had a go at inflating the boat today, it took 40 minutes to go from the bag to being ready to launch (if we'd been at the river rather than in the back garden), and that was with using the hand pump it was supplied with. It wasn't as difficult as you might imagine to inflate, and I might not bother to get an air compressor I can run off the car battery just yet.
Here's the progress photos:
Once it was up, we decided to try it for size:

The next job is to see how long it takes to deflate and if I can roll it back up and fit it in its bag!

As soon as we get decent weather we'll go and try it out on the river. I need to register it with the Environment Agency, but so long as I avoid locks to start with (it's the lock keepers who check registrations) we can launch it without registering. Next summer, if I fit a motor to it, I'll need to name it! At the moment the favourite name is The Ellejay (L.J. - Larissa Jane, geddit?!)

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