Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter without a sniff of chocolate

We managed to get through the Easter weekend without any Easter Eggs, in fact the only chocolate in the house that was eaten was a whole pack of choccy digestives.
Saturday was a bit of a lazy day, the poor weather meant we didn't want to do much outside, so I spent some time looking after Lara in the afternoon while Olga and Lucy did girly things. Looking after Lara meant letting her watch me play on my ancient Nintendo 64 games console in our bedroom, and listening to the football scores on the radio before we both had a mid-afternoon nap.
In the evening we watch The Fully Monty on video, as neither Olga nor Lucy had seen it, and they'll never listen to Donna Summer's Hot Stuff again without thinking of the men dancing in the dole queue.
On Sunday I decided that no matter what the weather was like, I had to get some work done in the garden, so I got up at 7.15, and walked Mishka in the snow. It snowed quite hard during the morning, but didn't stick for long, which was a shame, and by lunchtime it was all gone, but I had been able to move some things up from the garage and the bottom of the garden to the decking area, where it was supposed to be. I started work on Olga's vegetable patch, and she tidied up the summerhouse. We tried having Lara out with us but after a few minutes she decided that she preferred being inside, so we left Lucy to look after her while we slaved outside.
Lara's clearly growing up now, she didn't sleep the whole time when we went to the pub in Marlow in the evening for a drink with Chris & Cara - that was a first.
On Monday I cracked on with digging up the veg patch, it's 4m x 2.4m just in front of the decking, but the fact it slopes diagonally from back left to front right is making it an interesting carpentry project for me, and taking up the turf that covered just half of that area took a few hours and some heavy lifting. More work is required next weekend to finish the box I'm building to contain the soil; trying to make a level area on a sloping surface is, shall we say, a challenge.
We did put some reed screening up against the front of the decking though, so you don't see the ugly area under the decking anymore when you look up the garden from the house, which is a big improvement.

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