Tuesday, 25 March 2008

You Tube video - see below

While trying out some of the wireless geeky stuff I have at home last week, I played a little bit of the home video from our USA tour in 2005 to Olga, it is one of our favourite bits, from when we were in Las Vegas, outside the Bellagio. We watched the dancing fountains, made famous by the end of the film Ocean's Eleven, which were sync'd to Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman's Time to Say Goodbye. I challenge you to watch it and not admire it!
If I ever get round to editing the full 6 hours of footage we have from that holiday, I'll publish another bit from later that day where we go back to the fountains at night, although there is a much bigger crowd in the way at that time. Our top tip for people visiting Vegas is to go to the Bellagio around 2pm, when the fountains start, and there are almost no spectators, as you can see.

The video is below the posts towards the bottom of the page..

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