Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Lara's first taste of something other than Mum's milk

We noticed on Monday morning that Lara seems to have her second cold now, she woke up with a bunged up nose and grumpy.
She was fine throughout the day, and even coped with us leaving her in the summerhouse while we worked on the veg patch yesterday afternoon, but in the evening she woke up after Olga had put her to bed and had a good old cry. We checked her temperature, which was a perfect 36.6, so we weren't too worried, but it was clear she wasn't going to go to sleep any time soon. We had used some drips of Olbas Oil on a tissue under a sheet close to her head in the morning to help clear her nose and help her sleep in the morning, but even this wasn't calming her down in the evening, although it did clear her nose again. So we decided to try the Calpol that we bought a month or so ago, and she had her first taste of something other than milk. It smelt very nice and strawberryish, but Lara didn't take to it to well, and indeed spluttered some of it back out, but enough of it must have got into her system, as after a quick feed from mum to wash it down, she did go to sleep in our bed around midnight, and slept through the whole night, to the point where we had to wake her for a feed soon after 7am.

Olga's taken her clothes shopping to Eden this morning, so if anything will make a girl feel better, it's that.

Oh, and while I remember, she was weighed last Thursday (20th) and she's smashed the 6kg barrier now, she was 6.04kg or 13 lbs 4.5 oz.

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