Friday, 21 March 2008

Holidays sorted for the next few years

Oh, I forgot that I spent much of the week researching tents on the web, as we really want to go camping and see it as the easy way to have affordable, fun holidays while Lara's at the age where we don't really want to be struggling through airports. In the end I contacted a camping shop in Kendal and have ordered one of these:
It's actually a 6-man tent, which sounds a lot, but we'll not be travelling light and Mishka needs somewhere too, so he actually gets his own bedroom!
I also got Lara her own sleeping bag, and we'll kit Olga out when we go on our first trip, up to Wasdale in the Lakes on 20th April.

That's not the only shopping I've been doing... Olga and I had discussed how it's a shame to have a nice river close by and not use it, so I've also bought this:
Yup, a 5-man inflatable! Far from being a kid's toy, this is Coast-guard certified and can have a motor fitted, although I'll not go that far till next Summer I think. This year we'll just try it out with the paddles.
Of course an air-compressor that runs off the car battery and a life jacket for Lara are next on the shopping list! You can also get neoprene "socks" for dogs, which I'm thinking about to prevent Mishka's claws making this a used-once jet boat. We had thought about getting a rigid boat, but that would need a roof rack or a trailer (more money) -at least this one will deflate and fit in a bag and go in the car. At this rate we'll need a bigger car!
So, that's our holidays sorted for the next few years, we'll stay UK-bound, or maybe venture as far as France. At least now we can go off for the weekend at short notice and take Mishka with us.

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