Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Weekend Report

The girls seemed to enjoy their night out on Saturday. Olga and I took our time getting our jobs done on Saturday morning and afternoon, but it was nice for them to relax in the very swish Novotel for an hour before going out to meet Lucy's friends at 7pm. It was like the United Nations in the pub, there were 2 and a half Russians, a Ukrainian, a Pole, 2 Koreans, 2 Libyans, a Saudi, an Equatorial Guinean, a Kuwaiti, and even 2 and a half English Then I left at 8pm, taking the half Russian, half English Lara with me, leaving only Simon to keep up the Home Guard. Even he speaks fluent Spanish!

Lara was a bit skrikey through the night, and my cough was at it's worst, which made for a rather broken night, but it was nice not to be under much time pressure on Sunday morning, as I wasn't going over to pick Olga up until mid-afternoon, thanks to this late-check-out deal the Novotel was offering.

I was in a bit of a quandry on Saturday afternoon, over the Liverpool v Barnsley FA Cup game. I guess I couldn't really lose either way, with cousin Ryan being the assistant manager at Barnsley.
I recorded Match of the Day but I've not been able to bring myself to watch it yet!
Barnsley have drawn Chelsea in the quarter finals, at home. The BBC are showing it, so I hope Mindy irons Ryan's best tracksuit!
Tonight is Liverpool v Inter Milan. I wonder if Benitez might play his strongest 11 players, or if he'll continue to select his starting side in the same way most people choose lottery numbers.

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