Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Get yer trunks on, Mishka!

This photo isn't of Mishka, but if everything goes according to plan, I could put one up later this week of him swimming.
Swimming is very good exercise for dogs, and we'd love it if Mishka would go bounding into rivers and lakes when we take him on walks (safely of course!). There's a farm not far from Wycombe that has kennels and a doggy swimming pool, so I booked him in for a "Help Swim" on Thursday lunchtime. We get their pool for 25 minutes, and for this session the pool staff will put a lifevest on Mishka and entice him into the pool, as he's never been in water deeper than his chest before. They're used to dealing with nervous dogs, but Olga assures me that terriers are very good swimmers, so I just hope that once he realises everything is OK, he'll enjoy swimming and we can take him down to the Thames in the Summer and have a whale of a time chasing ducks. And rowers.

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