Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Squash, anyone?

Something else that might have a factor on my feeling better today is that I played squash last night, for only the third time ever. Chris Rose needed an opponent, and I'd not done any exercise since cricket nets nearly a month ago. I lost every game, but at least I could hit the ball from time to time, I just need to learn to move once I've hit it, rather than admire the fact that I actually did hit it.

It did cause a minor crisis this morning when I thought I'd dropped my wallet at the gym, but when I called them no-one had handed it in (the kind of people who frequent a gym in Marlow would hand a wallet in, I suspect, especially one with mostly receipts and foreign currency in it and very few pounds). Anyway, to compound the issue, when I got back from walking Mishka this morning, our neighbours were having their windows cleaned. I'd spotted the van earlier, and seen that they cleared and repaired gutters too, and I knew we had a leaky gutter at the back of the house. One of the window cleaners suggested that I might need my gutters clearing, and we settled on a price for cleaning the windows, and clearing and fixing the gutters. Of course I couldn't pay him as I'd "lost my wallet" (the look on his face was almost worth the anguish I was going through), so he's coming back tonight for the cash. In a throwback to the "good ol' days" I also need to pay the milkman tonight!

I found my wallet on the floor of the car, it had fallen out of my pocket on the way to the gym....

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