Thursday, 18 February 2010

Lara Update

The little princess is fine now, and this week she's been sleeping better than ever - I hope that's not famous last words. She's not woken in the evenings at all this week, whereas normally we'd expect to have to go and give her water around 11pm. Then she's slept through the night without waking enough for us to have to check on her, and we've been having lie-ins as she's not been stirring until 7.30 or later. Yesterday she was happy to go back to bed while Olga had her shower, and then just to top off a good morning, she got full use out of the potty, if you get my meaning.
The potty training is a matter of perseverence, and there was a day at nursery earlier this week with six "accidents", but then yesterday there was only one, and today, three.
Conversations are getting longer, and she is definitely putting much thought into what he says. I'll try to remember some of the witty things she comes out with. Whether it's a good thing or not, I don't know, but should she let a little "bottom-burp" escape, and we ask if that was a "Lara trumpet", the reply is always "Nooo! Papa trumpet". False, but funny.

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