Monday, 15 February 2010

Kids update

Lara is back to her normal self, and went back to nursery today.  Her chickenpox spots are fading, and we hope none will leave a lasting mark. Her character is becoming more polarised, between behaving like an intelligent angel with a great sense of humour, to a wailing, screeching pain in the bum. We know she's just trying to assert herself, but we're not the kind of parents to give in, even to a two year old, so we tend to dig in until Lara gives up and does it our way. This can lead to a few minutes of screeching, complete with the full-on, lying-on-the floor, kicking arms and legs tantrum, but so far this has been restricted to our house, and not in public. I'm sure we'd be more likely to compromise with Lara is we were in a restaurant or supermarket, but at home, Mama and Papa rule.
Potty training is progressing, with good days and bad days. This evening, before bed, Lara insisted that Bob the Builder go on the potty before she did, but at least that shows she is thinking about it.
As for the four-legged kids, they're fine. Jackson had a bath tonight, and that has fluffed up his fur, and now he looks like an overfed cat. Perhaps I need to ease him off the doggy treats....

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