Monday, 15 February 2010

Armchair Olympians

We're going for gold when it comes to watching the Olympics on TV. Olga is used to watching the Winter Olympics closely, given Russia's performances in many of the events over the years, whereas us Brits have been restricted to re-runs of the Bolero - just think, that was only 26 years ago.. It's been good to see Eddie the Eagle on the Churchill Insurance adverts on TV, but even his attempts were back in 1988 in Calgary! I'll not forget about the Scottish ladies' curling team though, of course. We stayed up till 1am last night watching the final of the men's Luge event.
Tonight we've been occupied by the Men's Snowboard Cross. A fortune could be made if the bookies got hold of it and treated it like a greyhound race, it really seems to be a lottery, with favourites crashing out all the time. It could be a great event for the tortoise, not the hare.

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