Sunday, 21 February 2010

Happy Birthday Lucy

We went to Reading yesterday evening to celebrate Lucy's birthday (I'll not say which one, but it was a significant one ;-) ). The tradition is to meet in a pub at 5pm, then for me to take Lara home around 7.30, and leave the big kids to their party. However, it's common knowledge that the Medvedeva sisters enjoy a good night out, and that there's usually not much point in planning to get anything done the next day... so knowing that we had some jobs to get done today, we decided the easist thing all round was for Lara & I to stay later, and Olga would come home with us. At 9 o'clock we thought it was the right time to get Lara home, although she seemed to still be full of beans, she did konk out in the car very quickly on the way home. Lara enjoyed stealing the limelight from Tortah Lusa ("Auntie Lucy"), and is well on the way to perfecting some funky disco moves that Papa and Deddeh Sergei ("Uncle Sergei") were teaching her.
As a consequence, we did get some work done today at home. Lara let me have a lie in until 8am; she is getting upset now when she does something in her nappy, which is a positive thing really, as it means the potty training is working. This morning she was upset because she'd done a poo, but we're just reassuring her that it's OK when she's wearing a nappy, but when she's not, then she needs to tell us first. She's got it half right, she is telling us, but usually it is "too late, Mama". She has got it right on occasion, for which she receives great applause and hugs. As for number ones, this weekend she's been very good, with hardly any accidents.

Olga took the brave decision to give little Jackson his first haircut today, but he does look great after it. He was a bit wriggly, but she was able to strip him like she does to Mishka, which maintains the quality of his coat, whilst trimming the more difficult parts with scissors. Here are some before and after photos, the first from yesterday, when we went for a family walk, and then one from just now, I had to wake the little fella up though...

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