Wednesday, 10 December 2008

More on Lara's Birthday

Phew, what an exhausting evening! Given that we weren't going to have a party, it turned into quite a party! First Lara opened her cards and presents, and in typical fashion was equally impressed with her balloons as much as she was with her lovely presents! Kids, eh!? Then she had a very big tea involving quiche, pizza and birthday cake, amongst other things. There was an "In the Night Garden" theme to the cake and one of the presents, and indeed you can see Igglepiggle eyeing up the cake in one of these photos.

Take a good look at Mishka in his fluffy coat, he's off to the salon tomorrow morning for a strip. Poor lad will be freezing for a few weeks!

We'll put some more videos up on YouTube later of Lara with her presents.

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