Sunday, 14 December 2008

Two very tired kids **Updated**

We went for another long walk today, but a little closer to home, around West Wycombe. The baby carrier we bought has turned out to be a good purchase, it makes it so easy for us all to go out for a walk in the countryside. We were lucky today with the weather - it had rained all day yesterday, but was dry today; this seemed to put people off going for walks and we barely saw another soul while we walked for three hours. It also meant that we could let Mishka off his lead, we love to see him running free and enjoying himself, but we love it even more when he comes back to us when we call him! He was very well behaved today, and the long walk (we think we covered about 7km, but Mishka will have done more like 10km!) has tired him out completely. It did mean he got a good bath when we got home, which takes some time, but is very good for his coat.
To help us recover from our exertions, we had a swift half in the George and Dragon in West Wycombe after the walk, where Lara enjoyed playing with the landlord's little terrier - it's nice to see Lara's not afraid of dogs, albeit this one weighed about the same as her!
We really enjoyed our walk, and hope now to make it a regular weekend thing during the winter. Lara was fine all the way round, she had a little sleep for half an hour or so en-route, and was asleep in the car within 5 minutes of setting off for home. Considering it's only an 8 minute drive home, she thankfully slept on at home for another half-hour or so which gave Olga time to bath Mishka!
This wasn't a documented walk, we just made it up from the OS map - I think I might investigate hand-held GPS systems so we can accurately measure how far (and exactly where!) we've been. Here are a couple of photos from a scenic break for coffee, and one from the aftermath! I've plotted part of the route we'd taken on the second photo, just for the fun of it.

And here's a map of the walk (it's been quiet at work on Monday!)

(map: Crown Copyright 2008)

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